New Friends, New Enemies, and Trouble in the Tomb of Raymare

Pelor 5-8.

Young, dutiful adventures traveled from the office of the Exemplar Michael Raymare toward Flouren from Alustrun with precious cargo. On their way, they cross the Genova River. Here high above the river the party eyes a lean Goliath woman. She towers above a fresh grizzly bear corpse. As some of the party is crossing the river via rope bridge, the river itself seems to grasp the bear corpse and spawns an elemental which attacks the party. After successfully subduing the creature, the party continues to Flouren.

In Flouren, the party delivers the ceremonial sword to King Raymare. He accepts it, but timidly. He tells the party that there have been nightly attacks on his city and believes that it has something to do with the Tomb of his ancestors. He, trusting in the note his father wrote to him, has asked the party to quietly investigate the occurrences around town. The party chose to investigate the tomb first, arriving there at dawn, hoping to catch the vampires at their weakest. They arrived to find an empty tomb. The tomb did show signs of tampering, especially with Bradley Raymare’s portrait and statue.

While investigating the tomb, a group of vampires returned to the tomb after the nightly raid. The party was caught off guard and the party was split. Half the party stayed above ground to fend of the vampire group, while half the party journeyed forth into the mysterious handmade tunnel into Bradley Raymare’s grave.

The tunnel lead into a natural cave filled with strange luminous fungi. The party eventually picks up on the murmurs and whisperings within the cave. “The foul one has returned! Shall we attack? What shall we do master?” repeated over and over echoing throughout the cave walls. Until finally the whispers were answered with a telepathically communicated “Yes.”

The subterranean area was quickly filled with Myconid warriors and Shaman. The Myconid fungi proved formidable warriors and their toxic spores proved quite effective. It took a great deal of group cooperation to survive the encounter.

When the last of the Myconids was slain, the fungi in the cave contracted and browned, revealing several magic items that the Myconids must have taken off of other slain adventures. Also revealed was another passageway.



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