Searching for answers at the world's capital, Alustrun

Pelor 2-5. (You will begin the next session on the morning of the 5th.)

Before leaving Orange Grove, Bernard and others gifted the party with useful items that will hopefully aid them in their quest. A blessing was placed upon the party.

En route to Alustun the party engaged a group of bandits who were attacking an elf family. After rescuing the Sendran Family, who are merchants transporting yams to Alustun. The party later escorts them to the gate with their safety at top priority.

At the city gate a pair of disgruntled and corrupt guards request outrageous fees to enter the city limits. The party manages to cut through the guards not with blades but with diplomacy. Once through the gate the party bid farewell to the Sendran’s and to the Moonlight Mistrals.

It wasn’t long before the party encountered a mob of angry people lead by a young human woman. She had stirred the crowd to violent action against the Exemplars. The party rose to defend the helpless Exemplars, most of whom were ungrateful for the actions of the party, save for two. The first was the Exemplar of Esfrem, who was most concerned with the commerce of Esfrem. The other Exemplar was Michael Raymare, the Exemplar of Flouren. His son, Kevin Raymare, is the King of Flouren.

After the mob was subdued, the party split to discuss matters further with the people involved. Some interrogated the people in the town square and inquired about the crisis. Most of the complaints were trival, the action of the mob were caused by a decaying economic environment coupled with the Moon Crisis, they moved out of fear, anger and helplessness.

Those that met with Michael Raymare were tasked with delivering a ceremonial sword to Flouren, and paid well to do it.

Durem and Corylus at the Alustrun Public Library discovered information about the moon crisis. Corylus found a book by a man named Calvin, in which a similar crisis mentioned, but not in great detail. This book was also checked out by a one “K. Raymare” who is believed to be Kevin Raymare the King of Flouren.

While resting that night at the Inn, each traveler still unsure of their companions and sleeping in separate rooms, were confronted by vampire assassins in the middle of the night. Hildor, who had been holding onto the sword, was the focus of the attack. The remaining party members managed to save him from near death, and drive off their assailants. The sword switched over to Setsuna’s care, holding it within his functional glove of holding.



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