Calvin's Journal

I’ve begun to bold cities I think these passages refer to

Important passages from his journal:

Ioun’s sacred city of enlightenment. Well Spring – 3

The traveler’s crossroad outpost, yet another example of how people are often drawn naturally to the magically tuned locations… Genoxus – 7

Deep within the Dwarven mountains where the gold is plentiful, they dug too deep. They reached the underdark and awakened powerful magics. Zicros – 25 (Goldveins?)

The human army foolishly wage battle in the magically tuned areas of the world, there is a chance that humans are more susceptible to the effects of these magically tunes areas. I will investigate this further… Fort Iridium – 14

The Devils have a new region for their grand empire. This newly discovered territory proves to be a hotbed of magical energy. The Humanoid Dragons grow restless as their territory contracts and shrivels. Arkosia and Bael Turith – 1 and 2

The dark elves have been relocated, ironic that they have chosen a place of such magical attunement. Lolth – 15

…elemental chaos is certainly magically tuned, but the rumors are conflicting, and finding the beings of the elements has proved a complex task. Hindro – 24

The Maidens of the Wood can attempt to hide, but I can sense the their magics even from this distance. Lathnin – 17

The great prairie land in the west is vast, but contains magically tuned locations where the soil is particularly fertile. Orange Grove/Silinos -8/9

The Gods themselves seem to be drawn to these locations! Perhaps this is why they choose this location to hold their match… Zarius/Narius – 19/20

…Goliath’s have a sacred locale, they call it mystical. This location is certainly a place of magical attunement, though difficult to confirm it because of it challenging to access… Vandar – 21

…Of Course! Only a fool would have ruled out this as a magically tuned location, it seems so obvious! A place of such magnitude!” Breylin – 22

…Often times settlement on a magically tuned location can be hazardous, this fact is falls on deaf ears of the disaster victims. Their resolve to return to their ravaged land has never been stronger… Hragar – 23

Calvin's Journal

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