This is a test of this website, lets see if it works out for you guys, if so, then I hope to utilize this site as a means of staying organized.

Here is what I plan on doing for each tab:

  • Adventure Log

    -After each session update the with the day (in game time) with important happenings. This can be edited by anyone, and so if you feel like you want to incorporate more details please feel free.

  • Wiki

    -Here I will update information about the world as you discover it, or as your characters might already know about it. Look for updates here and there.

  • NPC Tracker

    -I will periodically incorporate NCPs in the campaign, I will add them to the NPC list as appropriate. Please feel free to comment on them in their background sections, but please only add things that pertain to the specific background with your character.

  • Maps

    -I have uploaded the map, but it seems to be taking a while to appear.

  • Comments

    -I will leave this up to you guys entirely.


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