Skooma and Silinne

  • Pelor 10 – Fey Day
  • Pelor 11 – Travel to Silinne, arrive mid-day
  • Pelor 12 and 13 – Drugged, kill Tormod evening of the 13th
  • Pelor 14 – Leave for Orange Grove
  • Pelor 16 – Arrive Orange Grove mid-day

After celebrating Fey Day in Flouren, the party made their way to Silinne. Just outside town, the party was nearly accosted by a vagrant man, who was yelling in a graveyard. The party mostly ignored him, but Corylus insisted on engaging him. He quickly fled the scene but not before placing a small amount of ratty dead flowers on the graves of Emrys and Sehlam Reynolds. Upon arriving, the party split to gain more information about their surroundings. One by one, the party was assaulted and poisoned. The players were poisoned which knocked them out. Little did the party know, that mixed with the Drow poison was the Skooma of their crime boss, Enthos Tormod. Those of divine power attempted to fool their captures, but they were suffering from the onset of Skooma hallucinations. Two days elapsed while the party was continually injected with Skooma to keep them in a stupor while the Tormod family gathered information about their prisoners.

When the party “awoke” the found themselves in a Skooma processing plant, some of which was real, some of which was a hallucination. During some of these fights, the party was accidentally pricked by a raw Skooma plant or deliberately snorted or ingested some of the raw dried powder. As the party made their way through the hideout, they came across a Dwarf artificer named Hoban who was severely addicted to Skooma. After a quick and decisive battle which rendered Hoban unconscious. He was soon awoken and questioned. However, he was able to offer up little valuable information.

When the party came to a small room, they noticed an unusual thing. A barrier with an unresponsive clerk who was too busy tallying accounts to even look up at the players. Zihark even attacked the man, but his blade passed through the mans head as through it was not there. When Emrys came into the office, he looked up, and the party saw that he had no face. This faceless abomination the spoke, presumably by telepathy, to the party. He introduced himself as Enthos Tormod, and began to explain that the party had been hallucinating a great deal of the event that had transpired, and they were beginning to realized it. Enthos then began a diatribe about Emrys’ life and specifically mentioned his father, Ansam Reynolds, who turns out to be the vagrant man from the graveyard earlier. Ansam and Enthos were old adventuring buddies, until Enthos wanted more power and made a pact with Asmodeus. At the climax of his speech he summoned to his aid many devils and he himself transformed into a huge devil of Asmodeus.

The party, weary from their previous battles, fought to their last dying breath. Thanks to some clever tactics, the party succeed in vanquishing this foe. At which point the party nearly collapsed where they stood for an extended rest. In the cave, there were several treasures, both items and people. Ansam and Hoban, hopelessly addicted to Skooma soon had fellow junkies, as some party members felt urges to use Skooma. After purchasing a wagon and two horses Booger and Mae, and decided to head back to Orange Grove.


I tried to punch the guy not slice his head off.

Skooma and Silinne

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