Hildor Avathar


Hildor AC:20 Fort:14 Ref:14 Will:16 HP:36 Surges:12 Surge Value:9

Ability Scores: Str. 11,Con. 15,Dex. 8,Int. 10,Wis. 16,Char. 18

Trained Skills: Diplomacy 12, Heal 9, Insight 13, Religion 6

Untrained Skills: Acro. -2, Arcana 1, Ath. -1, Bluff 5, Dung. 4, Endur. 1, Hist. 1, Intimi. 5, Nature 4, Percep. 4, Stealth -2, Street 5, Thievery -2

Feats: Action Surge, Power of the Sun, Tribe of the Enduring Mountain

At-Wills: Divine Challenge, Lay On Hands, Virtuous Strike, Ardent Strike

Encounters: Guiding Strike, Divine Mettle, Divine Strength, Shielding Smite, Righteous Smite

Dailies: Radiant Delirium

Utilities: Call of Challenge

Items: Broadsword, Floating Heavy Shield, Scale Armor, Magic Holy Symbol +1


Conceived out of wedlock, Hildor never knew his parents. After his birth he was left at the monastery in Orange Grove. The monks tell him that he was brought by an elven man, so he assumes that his father was an elf and his mother a human.

Hildor felt the call of Pelor at a young age. Hildor follows the call to alleviate suffering where he sees it and challenges evil when he can. He has trained as a Paladin since an early age and is skilled in the use of several weapons.

While not known by the general population Hildor has some renown in the area surrounding Orange Grove. He has won a few of the annual tournaments held in the area and is also known to go out of his way to assist those who are in need whenever he can.

Hildor’s first major test came when the fire genesi attacked Orange Grove. Hildor has allied himself with the group of adventurers who drove off the genesi.

Hildor Avathar

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