Fermins Rising

A children’s holiday where a mythical Bugbear named Fermin, the patron of unusual gifts, brings random trinkets to children while they sleep. Fermin is typically dressed in green and purple garb. He carries a bag of holding in which he carries his gifts. Typical gifts for the season consist of small drake eggs, severed bunny heads, centaur horseshoes, owlbear claws, and sabertooth teeth.

It is said that Fermin rises on his day by growing quickly from a green and purple moss that grows universally around the world. This moss has been named Fermin’s Moss in his honor.

The holiday is a complete farce, and the parents of children plant the gift from Fermin in the night while the children sleep. The morning after Fermin’s Rising the children, if they have behaved, look for their gifts in their shoes.

In addition to Fermin’s typical garb of green and purple, Fermin has a large set of deer antlers, has a prehensile tail (similar to a monkey’s) and is striped like a tiger (green and purple of course).

Fermins Rising

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